Marketing Tips for Family Child Care Providers

Family childcare providers must promote themselves in order to expand their businesses. Here are some suggestions to help you sell yourself and your program to prospective parents.

Have an open house. You can pass out goody bags with a flyer or business card. Decorate white sandwich bags with stickers or you can use a hole punch and either thread ribbon through or punch holes that create a picture. Have everyone sign in for door prizes so you have names to call or add to your mailing list.

Start a newsletter. Take pictures of your day care kids and send them to the office of their parents. They will certainly show their co-workers. And I am sure they will say something like, "Look what my day care provider mailed me today! A picture of my smiling child having fun!"

Advertising in the paper.

Put flyers out.

Obtain a mailing list of the city residents who have children.

Contact the area schools, let them know you have openings.

Get on a referral list.

Give an incentive to your current families. If they refer someone to you that uses your daycare for (?) months, they will get a week of free child or you can give them $25 or $50 or $100.

If you are able to drop/pickup, contact preschools that may know of families that have that need.

Join local daycare associations. If you make friends, they will refer their overflow.

Have a T-shirt made with your daycare's name on it. Then wear it, wear it, wear it.

Make a scrapbook with pictures from your child care along with captions.

Keep a written schedule of daily activities posted for parents to see.

Have written policies and contracts.

Make a brochure (one page of paper folded over) that includes your schedule, philosophy, goals, programs, etc.

Frame and hang your license and certificates.

Tell everyone you know that you are providing child care.

Hold an open house, coffee, or Family Child Care Home Tour.

Carry business cards with you at all times.

Advertise your program in the Yellow Pages.

Create a name and a logo for your business.

Maintain the outside of your home as well as the inside in order to attract parents.

Take Little Golden Books with your business card taped to the inside flap to various doctorís and dentistís office waiting rooms (with permission of course).

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